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Drug and alcohol addiction ruins lives and it makes people feel trapped because of disgrace and guilt. It often pushes the bounds of how much pain one person can endure. Drug Treatment Minneapolis knows that this sense of helplessness doesn’t have to be true, and wants to assist people in freeing themselves from the humiliation and negative emotions that drug dependency feeds on. It’s been medically proven that drug and alcohol dependency is a diseases, and should be addressed with the exact same scientific scrutiny as diseases like heart diease. The skilled professionals at all their locations specialize in therapies for drug and alcohol dependency, making sure that their clients get the best degree of care. End dependency as soon as possible!

What Is Drug Abuse?

Drug abuse can begin as a single experiment, however, many people realize that they quickly lose control and want more drugs, more regularly in order to feel normal. The more drug abuse increases, the harder it is to go without the drug due to the unpleasant withdrawal symptoms. Better Rehabilitation Care Center treats the physical or psychological dependence that develops in response to legal and illegal drug and alcohol abuse, which is commonly regarded as drug and alcohol addiction.

  • Physical dependency results from repeated drug abuse that disrupts the way in which nerve cells in the brain communicate pleasure, making drug use the one way to receive pleasure-giving brain signals.
  • Psychological dependency generally takes longer to establish and longer to treat, and occurs when the addict believes that they need the drug to feel happy or normal, and the thought of not being able to obtain or use the drug causes stress and anxiety.

For a treatment plan to be comprehensive and effective, both physical and psychological dependence on drugs should be addressed. Drug Rehabilitation Centers MN has the staff, credentials, and desire needed to assist individuals who are afflicted by drug addiction. They offer:

  • group and individual counseling
  • organized physical activities
  • access to the 12-step community
  • aftercare support
  • wonderful, reasonably priced living accommodations

They’re more than able to individualize the recovery process for all sorts of drug dependency, focusing on the addict’s personal circumstances in the designing of the treatment plan. In addition, they utilize a large number of fact-based, constructive, reasonably priced treatments to meet their clients’ numerous needs. Better Rehabilitation Care Center excels where many other drug addiction services treatment facilities fail to meet those same high standards.

What Is Detoxification Rehab?

Detoxification rehab, or detoxification rehabilitation, is the complicated process by which a person:

  • withdraws from their drug of dependency
  • analyzes their justifications for using
  • participates in several sorts of counseling and behavioral adjustments that help the person acknowledge their issues
  • discovers ways to prevent relapses and temptation

Better Rehabilitation Care Center’s recovery group is made up of professionals that deal with each and every facet of recovery, including:

  • assessment
  • medical care
  • counseling
  • education
  • life skills training
  • drug and alcohol testing
  • relapse prevention training
  • orientation into self-help and support meetings
  • treatment of mental problems and emotional problems
  • family education and counseling
  • follow-up care

How Better Rehabilitation Care Center Addresses Substance Addiction

Their residential rehabilitation facility combines all the best parts of inpatient care (24 hour supervision and a clinical staff) and outpatient care (introduction to ‘real world’ situations’ and off site self-help group meetings). While residing in beautiful, comfortable residential accommodations, clients participate in:

  • group and individual counseling
  • behavioral modeling treatment
  • support group meetings every day
  • recreational activities
  • daily trips to the gym
  • various social activities

Contact 612-213-2179 to speak to Alcoholic Rehab Services‘ recovery professionals for more information concerning treatment locations, the effects of drug use, or substance abuse in general.